Science in Motion is an online multimedia publication. 


We bring together scientists and artists from multiple disciplines to tell thoughtful stories about UArizona research and its broader impacts on our global community, culture, and planet. Through motion-arts, we reimagine what science communication can be in the digital age. 


We are a small team of storytellers who believe whole-heartedly in slowing down to explore and disseminate scientific research through in-depth, longform storytelling. We are made up of filmmakers, ecologists, designers, earth scientists, illustrators, animators, composers, photographers, and geographers.


Science in Motion is an editorially independent initiative of UArizona’s Biosphere 2, School of Art, and Arizona Institute for Resilient Environments and Societies. We are located in Tucson, Arizona.

Editorial & Design Team

Executive Editor/ Filmmaker

Aaron Bugaj 

Art Director/ Animator

Nicole Antebi

Chief Creative Advisor

Ellen McMahon

Editor/ Producer/ Environmental Engineer

Dr. Caitlyn Hall

Creative Technology

Ash Black

Editor/ Photographer/ Geographer

Kai Lepley

Data Visualization Artist

Phoebe Dubisch

Science Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kevin Bonine

Biosphere 2 Coral Reef Laboratory

Dr. Diane Thompson

Biosphere 2 Rainforest

Dr. Joost Van Haren

Ecologist/ Agrivoltaics

Dr. Greg Barron Gafford


Dr. Scott Saleska

Space Analog for the Moon and Mars

Kai Staats

Environmental Engineer

Dr. Caitlyn Hall

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